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Juwel Rio 300 Aquarium and Cabinet

Juwel Rio 300 Aquarium

Juwel aquariums are made with a suspended base, removing the need for polystyrene between the aquarium and cabinet. Black silicone is used throughout to prevent staining and all Juwel aquariums have fixed integral filtration, with a heater chamber. The versatile hood has two removable flaps for good access to the aquarium and is made of easy clean PVC which will not warp or swell. All Juwel Aquariums are suitable for tropical, marine and coldwater fish keeping.

The Rio 300 Aquarium by Juwel is equipped with:
Two Juwel High Lite Light Units 120cm for 2x54 Watt 1047mm Tubes each
Two Juwel High Lite Day, T5 length 1047mm, 54 watts
Two Juwel High Lite Nature, T5 length 1047mm, 54 watts, 
Filter Model Juwel Bioflow 6.0 Standard
Filter Media, see media product for replacement schedule.
1x Poly Pad, Carbon Sponge, Nitrate Sponge, Coarse Sponge, Cirax, 2x Fine Sponge.
Pump, Juwel Bioflow 1000
Heater, Juwel 300 watt heater

Volume: approx. 350 Litres
Aquarium Measurements: 121 x 51 x 66 cm

Juwel Rio 300 is available in Black and Dark Wood

Delivery to WA Metro Area FREE / Other states will obtain quote following your enquiry.

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